Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mom's Day!

It's been a mother's boom town this year....

So, to all those celebrating their first Mother's day, to those who have logged in quite a few more mothering miles.... and. to all the grand-mother's that bring the wisdom home.

Wishing you the most happiest days, celebrating all the amazing things you do!


excerpted from Maya Angelou's Our Grandmothers...

When you learn, teach.
When you get, give.
As for me,

I shall not be moved.

In the classroom, loving the
children to understanding.

Centered on the world's stage,
she sings to her loves and beloveds,
to her foes and detractors:
However I am perceived and deceived,
however my ignorance and conceits,
lay aside your fears that I will be undone,

for I shall not be moved.


May you all have "The insight to see and the courage to say"

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