Monday, December 10, 2007

There are most definitely free lunches...

Everytime I hear someone use an expression that really doesn't jive with the facts... I feel a debate coming on.

Just participated in the UN's International Volunteers Day at Warner Brothers with a screening of HOPE NOT LOST (a chronicle of Melissa Fitzgerald's Ugandan Humanitarian Efforts with the International Medical Corps) and a heartfelt donation of time and money and energy to supporting the kids (and 13 year old Beau Bressler) build a school (global heart academy) in Northern Uganda with the Just Like My Child foundation.

I showed up. I hung out. I brought the good times. AND without asking there I was kicking it on a beautiful So Cal day with a balsamic chicken breast, mack and cheese (and some kind of random corn) with a big diet coke, all thanks to the kind lovely woman organizing the event offering up a free lunch ticket.

So I say. Go ahead. open yourself up to giving. Open yourself up to recieving. Enjoy the simple pleasures of turning any tired feeling, saying or expression around. And. See what develops.
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