Thursday, December 20, 2007

Losing Touch

"I can't believe you even tried it. It's a complete waste of time."

Have you ever had one of those conversations where someone is adamantly telling you something you've just done isn't cool. They haven't done it themselves... But they are absolutely sure, without any doubt, and with adamant certainty, they wouldn't like it, it isn't cool, and there is no way they would ever do it. Not only that, they will vociferously defend their position of never opening themselves up to even trying it, to the nth degree.

I mean come on... At least don't be so defensive about something you haven't experienced.

I don't want to have to get all Buddha abstraction on you, but.... Wayne Dyer summed up a Buddha saying with...

"There is a fundamental difference between knowing something and knowing about something.... Knowing is reserved for direct experience."

So I say... Open up. or. Shut up.
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