Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Getting Kraft-y...

I saw it laying on my doormat. a kraft cheese singles wrapper. just laying there. Like it had blown in from a 3 day bender. Yes. It was a piece of trash that got away. Yes. it was littering my walkway. Yes. It was irritating. But. my my. how intriguing.

Was there a party of small excited Norweigans that having just arrived in America decided to embrace their new found freedom of expression with a celebratory Kraft Single ceremony... and as sometimes happens... let the wrapper fly in the face of that freedom?

This discarded packaging at my door was an eye opener. I had to reflect.

I was never excited about the cheese behind the wrapper. This special treatment didn't seem right to all the other fine cheeses. The Kraft cheese didn't deserve to play dress up. It had a weird taste. It even felt weird.

With all that said, there's no sign of the Kraft singles fever going away - they have their own website - they have their own brand team - they have thousands of recipes and thousands of fans.

I'm all for a good time cheese charlie. I'm all for living in the product age. Let's just make a pact to recycle our left over wrappers.

Time to let the Norwegians know...

It's not cool to let the plastic fly.

Right. Okay. Check.
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