Saturday, December 01, 2007

Do they like me... do they really like me....

Does Mr. Nike care about me.... Or my wallet.

It's that time of the year. Crazy Christmas spending time. When common sense takes a leap out the window. where that impulse circuit is shorted and you find yourself being able to talk yourself into any purchase.

To make matters more interesting. My inbox is littered with holiday invite parties. Not just from family, friends and work people... but from every store that I've been to in the past year.

Check out this invite from Mr. Nike.

I like how they put on the invitation "you and your friends." I mean Mr. Nike likes me, so it's cool to bring everyone I know down to the store. Mr. Nike knows he'd like them too.

If it was just one or two places inviting me for a signature cocktail, complimentary appetizers, maybe I wouldn't be as scared as I am. But its every place I shop. Let me clue you in to a few things. I shop because I need things. I don't want to take Mr. Nike out to dinner and get to know him better. Or cosy up to Mr. Nike when I need some comfort. Do we have to become friends with our brands?

Have fun this holiday season. And keep your perspective. I will.
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