Monday, November 26, 2007

Some of us fared better than others...

Thanksgiving is a tough holiday for a lot of people. Just after Halloween you can feel the creeping anxiety of the most 'family friendly' of holidays. Somewhere between the planning and the bird things go tense. I don't need to go into detail. It is absolutely something we've all felt. That knot in the pit of our stomach, that unresolved issue that needs to bare its ugly head and is just waiting for that first helping of stuffing to break free.

Enough. 2007 Thanksgiving is behind us! woo. hoo.

Sadly. some of us didn't make it through...

I have to report on a couple of losses.

-Kevin DuBrow, the lead singer of the heavy metal band Quiet Riot was found dead over the weekend. Quiet Riot banged it out in the 80's with "Cum on Feel the Noize." I can still remember jamming it out on the dance floor to that hit from the “Metal Health” album.

apparently, "metal health" couldn't help bouy the mental health through the holiday heaviness.

-Minority Whip in the Senate Trent Lott calls it a day. The heat in the kitchen became to hot and Mr. Lott finally realized it.

It's a time of the year that a lot of people who have been holding on, quietly decide it's time to move on. The life cycle overpowered by the holiday cycle. As the years pass, I see it all as part of the big picture. A time to be with what is and let it unfold. to witness and not sink.

Here's my advice.

Keep it light. Keep it bright. and Keep it rockin around the christmas tree.

I want all of you to be around for 2008.

Where we all take back the fight.

join me in a battle cry --- come on...

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