Melanie Lutz is a writer and love activist Living in Los Angeles, California.

Whether it is a screenplay, an essay, a poem, a book or a story Melanie Lutz brings to light the indomitable spirit of the dreamer realizing a dream against all odds.

Melanie's work celebrates the powerful tradition of inspirational story telling.

As Rumi said "If you are not naked by now – go back to sleep."   

Melanie's new work, Vanessa by the Sea will be available November 2017.  If you would like a galley copy and want to participate in the launch process, please email info@alwaysalice.com and request an advance copy for promotional purposes. 


An illuminating look at a year spent starting over after divorce.  When she was moving through a divorce Melanie started this written self portrait chronically a year spent starting over, never thinking it would lead to its publication. The success of this first autobiographical work lead to a popular series of deeply held, funny, inspiring, uplifting and radiant works of poetic affirmations.   

  LOVELY MOON:  Destiny begins with that first step. Love guides the way.

A love story In the vein of John Greenleaf Whittier’s Maud Muller. A young woman says “No” to her lover’s offer of a different life choosing duty, committing herself to what she knows until she realizes love is worth stepping past the cries of circumstance to attain the flight of her soul.  This Kindle Single is available on Amazon.com for .99 cents   


LOVE LAND: Ideas to Open Your Heart with Love

Loving thoughts and essays in one impactful book to light bulb your way through with Love.



Be inspired. Be loving. Be you.

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