Thursday, January 18, 2018

Day 8 | Step Up

The journey to our authentic self is our destiny. We arrive through love in all its blazing glory.

Day 8  |  Step Up

Step up and into the destiny of this moment. No matter what you think is stopping you, forget it and step up, take that next loving action. Remember you begin again with each breath where everything is possible and new worlds await. It is only important that you take the step forward.

1 7th Annual Next100 1- 5 beginnings 8 Mels Love Land Next100

 Affirm It | Day 8

I give my all in each moment with infinite love and gratitude.

8 Mels Love Land Affirmation

We work together to debate and communicate through complicated issues.
Love, Mel

7th MELS ❤️ LAND: All Systems Love NEXT100 | Why We Speak of Love | Day 8

Mel is a writer, love activist, curiosity aficionado.
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