Wednesday, June 29, 2016

What is Seen and Unseen

My heart hears the seen and unseen

Wherein lies the truth
Hidden in street corners, in bustling neighborhoods, on sidewalks here and there, in plain sight, in quiet rooms, what is seen and unseen,
acts of kindness,
acts of bravery,
acts of fear,
desperation as seeds made manifest
love shining beneath the cracks–
Moments up for consideration.
A new way a new day of open hearted grace,
seeds of love,
to grow,
to experience the discipline of now,
in each breath.
The eyes and ears process,
they do not see or hear –
what is truly seen and heard is of the heart.

What is in me, what is of me, what will come through me.

Now. Now. Now.

Now is this time.
This heartbeat of a new entertainment
A new justice
A new healing
A spirit
Beyond the projections
That creates
That love is what love does 
That understands the imaginal cells of transformation
And that soupy experience of what is known, imagines something else, releasing all that is into what will be

The words ‘time to fly’ become the reality of our tomorrows.

I am here in each moment alive to what will be
Each moment a breath of peace an act of understanding and a way of life executing its purpose.

No matter what equally divides us
No matter what conflicts arise between us
You are me. We are one. Life is beautiful.

We will find a way
We will find the day
Where truth shines
Where life is celebrated
Where our brothers and sisters and lovers;
Believers, one and all

Rising above
Releasing always frustrations of what has been
Falling behind us
in the wake of our loving action.

New Days
New Ways

Now is the time.

My heart hears the seen and unseen.


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