Thursday, June 23, 2016

MAY PEACE BEFALL ALL YOU MEET #MelsLoveLand #MiniMag Issue 7 | Passion

Passion is the greatest resource of compassion, the fires of our being made manifest through that internal loving ignition point of all things.

These first lines of a Pablo Narudo poem written near the end of his career looking back at his beginnings brings the feeling to life in the poetic language...

"Something ignited in my soul, fever or unremembered wings, and I went my own way deciphering that burning fire."

The heart and soul only cares that you do it your way.

"Something ignited in my soul"

Give this all the oxygen it needs.

"I went my own way deciphering that burning fire."

Listen to what is being called for.

Take the next step even though it is scary. Stand for love, for the intuition of our soul.

Listen to what you know you need to do and please do it. We are all at the point where we need to embrace all we know and stand in that truth of who we are and what ignites our soul.

Now is the time for peace.

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