Tuesday, December 22, 2015

There are No Differences Mels Love Land Day 32

Let me perceive no differences let that be the end of any story.   Let today be the end of any story that no longer serves.  Let it go doesn’t just need to be a song that every three year old in the world sings.  Be someone today who releases judgment who perceives no differences.  Separation is something man-made to designate claim to something.

Surprise yourself.

When the best of us is brought forth
it gives us the chance to let go of the worst of us.

or vice versa.  IN our loving center, peace reigns no matter what.

Either way it is a story you are telling yourself so if you feel stressed about a story you are telling yourself.  Think differently.  Be different in our outlook and ideas.

Your practice of love, standing for the truth and remembering love remains the answer is a choice that lives in our hearts when we remain steadfast in out authentic expression amplifying our soul force, alive and awake within the imaginal possibility of each moment.

Take a new look, expand your breathing and see things differently, granting yourself freedom from your judgment.  Enjoy all the joy and happiness that fills your being with each rise and fall of your chest.
Sometimes when I want to remember what this kind of loving freedom is, I sing a Kelly Clarkson song like “I’ll spread my wings and learn how to fly,” Whatever works for you to let love flow, is perfect.
 (Also, another good one is Carrie Underwood’s Jesus Take The Wheel.)

May you feel connected, comforted and full of peace

Today. Now. Always.

May your steps be light and bright and full of Love.

Let me perceive no differences.

Let me recognize this day the truth.

Let me return home to love in peace of mind body and spirit.

With Infinite Love and Gratitude


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