Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Operation Support - Start Where You Are

If the most successful, brightest, and iconic people on the planet feel a sense of "I'm not good enough" it is absolutely something that is common to the human condition.

Just by hearing this statement come up you know you are in the presence of the best welcome invitation you will ever receive to join the "I'm human" party. Don't use this voice to separate you out. This voice is merely a conditioning virus, don't let this thought become a belief. Start conditioning yourself to say "I hear you. It's not true" and take action through the falsehood into the other side of the thought. The effort into full connection with the larger body of energy that is loving is in hearing that human expression of doubt that comes up, acknowledging it and then showcasing the discipline to take the most loving action possible, just that next step in your knowing that whatever it is that is necessary to be done on your behalf... you will do. You will merely take the step and see what happens.

Each step will bring you more information. Will remind you that "I'm not good enough" is not the truth. It will provide an insight beyond the doubt, and you can say "Hey, I'm ready for the next step" or "alright that wasn't quite it" and begin again. Knowing the truth, you are enough and in the next breath you will start over exactly where you are. Reborn into the next moment ready for whatever the next step might be. Enjoying the process. Loving exactly how it is.

Nothing more. 

Remember there are four basic fears--
The fear of not being good enough
The fear of success 
The fear of failure
The fear of Identity Loss.

Remember when these come up it is not true only fear and...
Move from fear to Love.
Into Wisdom.

Have Fun!

In their own words.

"I Have my moments when I feel like I'm going to collapse... and I'm failing at everything, like you're kind of good at a bunch of stuff but not really good at anything."
--Reese Witherspoon

“I still sometimes feel like a loser kid in high school”
-- Lady Gaga 

More Information on Operation Support....
Operation Support takes the eternal expression of brotherhood in the military “Leave no man behind”  and turns it into a practice of humanity in the battlefield of our daily lives.

Operation Support is designed to bring more awareness into our daily lives and is unfolding as a global effort to bring about a new order of peace on earth and in our hearts.

If you have any suggestions or ideas please leave a comment and we'll work together to spread the word!


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