Monday, May 02, 2016

Mels Love Land #MiniMag Issue 6 | Balance

This month, we celebrate balance. 

In Balance. 
Love is everlasting. 
Life is celebration. 
Joy is alive in each moment. 
Laughter heals wounds and promotes connection.  
Sadness and tears are our friends inviting us into the deeper conversation of life and love and liberty.  

We are one people united in all that we do. #MelsLoveLand 

From this place of balance the work of this #MiniMag was created in this sweet land of liberty, where I live the life I choose, connected to love and nature's cycles from a center point of loving source.  Of thee I sing considering the possibility there is another way to look at every situation. I celebrate all that is. I am connected to the beauty within and I celebrate the light I see in everything, everywhere I go.  I know every moment is a moment to experience a miracle. I am open to the possibilities present in this moment and the next. I have patience and practice love in action. I am in Balance.

Email us at to receive the pdf for MELS LOVE LAND ISSUE 6 | BALANCE and keep an eye out through the month for the #MiniMag posts.

Lots of Love,



Sunday, April 24, 2016

Spoken Words of Love: Melanie Lutz talks Mels Love Land at the Bodhi Tree Bookstore

It’s amazing how it’s always all there.

So many cues, clues and symbols. Opening doors into new worlds just waiting. Waiting for the decoding and the processing and the recognition.

Sitting right in front of you.   

With the popularity of Dan Brown novels and all the scholars and resources and the internet you would think it would be easier to get it.

It took me a bit of time to find this recording of my first bookstore reading of Mels Love Land.  Through the magical practice of love and patience and faith, I share it now for your listening pleasure.  It was recorded at the now moved Bodhi Tree Bookstore in West Hollywood, California with lots of friends, strangers, lovers and family in the audience.


Mels Love Land is a love movement into the heart of unconditional self love. It is a practice of seeing with love and having that be the beginning and ending of every conversation. Love is the decoder to every situation you find yourself in.

Like The Miracle Worker caring, loving, exhausting herself, to understand the blind and deaf, Helen Keller, to make a connection to something, to breakthrough the darkness, to find the sign and symbol that would lead to a light filled recognition and open the gateways of communication. A flash of a memory. Water. Water would open the door of recognition and language.  It nearly killed both of them, but once the connection was made, Helen Keller was able to unlock a way to speak, to share her voice, to open up to new possibilities.

Once you get “water” is this… instinct. feeling. emotion. You can use it to decode all the hidden messages in everything. It is all possible. Getting that first key stone is sometimes the hardest, as blinders are built into the universal framework, but ultimately with care and work and faith seeing through clouded and skewed vision and distorted perceptions is possible.

When we see. Life is easier. Love is easier.   

Seeing leads to the promised land.
Elaine Strich had it from her show At Liberty “I am mad as hell that I had to go through what I had to go through to get to what I’ve gotten to.”  And. Here I am. We’ve all gone through what we needed to go through, we’ve seen the outcomes of behavior, we’ve cycled through disconnection, we see the truth. We know what doesn’t feel warm and friendly, we know what closes our hearts, we know what we need to be. We are not going to be able to hide behind fences, technology, or whatever defenses we imagine will help us, the planetary population has eradicated that possibility. We are like little rabbits walking into the light for the first time naked into the perceived battlefield. Realizing how connected we are, realizing there is no one left to squeeze to make a profit, no dumps left to fill. No ways that can’t be inherent in our means. We are interdependent on each other. We are here to help each other. We are here to be in service with love.

If you are inspired please reach out, we have many loving activities to inspire and ignite your soul.

Saturday, April 09, 2016

Joy Made Manifest is Love - Igniting Moments in the Poetic Tradition

It is always a treat to see one of the greats in spoken word and discourse on the poetic tradition, David Whyte talking and reading his poems in person.  It was a true blessing and gift to join in the celebration of words in harmony with spirit at a recent Saturday morning in Santa Monica, California at the First Presbyterian Church that found Mr. Whyte touching deeply on one of his favorite topics, igniting the soul of passionate creative expression, this time discussing Williams Wordsworth.  Whyte talked about the moment in his work that Wordsworth committed fully, heart and soul, to his life’s work and love, Poetry.

“After dancing all night, Wordsworth walked into the morning light somatically alive, casting his eyes on the beauty of day break, once and for all dedicating his life to sharing/writing his poetry free of the burden and besiegement of other’s voices.”

(I love the use of ‘somatically alive’ in reference to the joy that flowers after a night of dancing.)

Mr. Whyte went on to read from this section of the poem referenced that illuminates the moment Wordsworth’s shares through his work…

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Mels Love Land #MiniMag Issue 5 | Faith

Mels Love Land goes green for Issue 5 into the heart of Faith. Download the pdf here.
May love continue to surround you as joy flourishes all the days of your life.
Happiest Wishes to you and yours. Enjoy!
Lots of Love,

Monday, February 29, 2016

The Secret of Love - Mels Love Land #Next100 Day 100

The secret, if you need to uncover the secret of absolutely everything is to quite simply, love yourself, exactly as you are. Nothing to change. Nothing to work on.  When Loving yourself is your mission, within each moment, no matter what anyone says or shares with you - - you understand it for what it is - merely information that is be-ing delivered and up for your consideration.  Not to derail you, or to take on as truth, but merely as information outside of your self.

When you love yourself, you have a clear boundary around remembering the truth, 'what other people think of you is none of your business' and your only job today and every day is to love yourself and wash whatever comes your way with that loving energy which understands intuitively you are more than enough....

Just as you are.

L.A. REID talking about his mentoring for X Factor reflected "I wish for myself that I will mentor them for who they are, not for what I wish them to be."

How often are we caught up in giving someone some advice on how they could be instead of embracing who they are? Instead of extending acceptance for where they are and who and what they do.

The greatest power you have to change a situation or circumstance is in direct correlation to your level of accepting it exactly as it is without trying to change anything, offering a new vision of possibility for them to rise into with compassion for the total person.

You can't change what you haven't realized so in giving the gift of acceptance, you enable undefended loving vision, allowing the person to grow beyond what they were attached to, to what they believe about themselves, unhinging the world into limitless possibility just by being present to who they are with love.

So thank you God for making you. Thank you God for making them.

Life is an ever unfolding gift when you are willing to remember everything begins when you stop the chaos of your thinking and stay present.

It's time to realize there is nothing to change, in total acceptance and love for who you are, loved, cherished, understood, em-braced...

From that space of love watch how everything happens.

Today is the day.

With Infinite Love and Gratitude

embracing who you are....

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Say a Little Prayer for You. Mels Love Land #Next100 Day 99

When the best of us is brought forth, it gives us the chance to let go of the worst of us.

It's time to move into deep respect and appreciation for who you are.   No holding back.   Everything started in love knows how to return to that space.

Surprise yourself.

It can be daunting to 'just do your best.' Because that song could come up in your head 'I did my best, but I guess my best wasn't good enough.'

Let go of the idea of not enough.  Doing your best is the whole job, the result is not yours to interpret.

Repeat after me...

I will do what is necessary to make any change that will free me of my past judgments and addictions and patterns and fears and obstacles. I am willing to act in my best interests, I am willing to love and forgive myself, I am willing to cherish myself and my loving actions, not matter what the outcome, so that I may be in service to those around me, to be used for Love's purpose for my life, to answer the question as to why am I here.

No matter what divides us... We must remain united in the highest order of freedom in loving action doing our best. With respect for our differences and find our common humanity. Let’s make doing our best a practice of humanity as a way of life. Not because it's easy. But because it's the right thing to do.

We owe it to those who come after us not to fall asleep, not to forget who we are, and to take advantage of the deeper conversation.

Today, and every day.

Have a great one!

With Infinite Love and Gratitude

Love, Mel

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Dare to Love - Mels Love Land #Next100 Day 98

The soul knows where it belongs.  Not some of the time. All of the time. When you strip everything away and get bare this fact sings.

It doesn't matter what path you choose, what form the exploration, just that you remove any blocks and keep yourself open.  Your life to date, the pain and wounds, joy, laughter and love, all the love... you can use as a road map of how to find your way back to the space that knows. That lives in eternal joy and peace.  That flourishes in a warm embrace.

You can choose to see things differently and take any light bulb moment of truth to change the story you've created. To get help. To share yourself. To move from fear to love, from insecure to joyful. You can choose in this moment to open yourself up to the possibility of being happier today than you were yesterday, to be the change necessary so you are delivered from whatever your current circumstance into peace and Love.  Simply by choosing to be awake.

Believe it.

Today. Right now.  I'm giving you a free pass. A pass to forgive yourself and anyone you have been carrying a 'hate on' or 'worry fest' for or for someone who you love beyond the beyond to feel safe to love them and allow that love to be experienced in your heart as seen and held and loved in return, because when you enact this powerful soul force you come to know the full picture of the healed and whole and perfect being that you are.  The soul doesn’t care about your feelings. It cares that you dare to love, that you dare to be, that you dare to dream and take action towards that loving dream.