Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Forgiveness in the Ache of Loss. Word Up ❤️


Even though I am on vacation. These words. Need to be AMPlified.

Peace. Now.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Mel is recharging, sharing, shoping, creating with light of the Soul and on Vacation. We will return with many wonderous new Loving Acts on September 11th. Until Then. Enjoy!

We are on a holiday till September. Look forward to painting the world with all kinds of love, Today and Everyday. Enjoy the end of summer with your family and friends and lovers. Enjoy the Exquisite Lights Offered in the Worlds We Inhabit. Have fun. Be loving. Be extra kind.

See you in September!


Mels Love Land - Docu-Series Coming Soon.

If you miss us, drop into a little youtube fun with Keisha hopefully healed and happy and full of new miracles to share, this single a wonderful new beginning.

"Falling back in love and dreaming..."

Enjoy the Exquisite Lights always being offered in the worlds we Inhabit.

"Come and paint the world with me tonight." Keisha love (as well)

If you want to pre-order Ooh, La La. a 10 pack of inspirational stories email us at info@alwaysalice.com. They are in production now and will be shipped between 12/1-12/10 for the holiday, love, gift, giving, inpsiring, light time for Christmas.

Thank You!

Wednesday, August 02, 2017

A Look Into Mels Love Land Documentary as the Project moves into Post Production

Have you ever wondered if you could bring love to every conversation, every situation, every circumstance, everyone. Mel took on the task.

Check out this little preview from Adobe and if you want to join the love movement and be a part of a screening near you email info@alwaysalice.com. More information at www.loveland101.com


Wednesday, July 12, 2017

MELS LOVE LAND #MiniMag Issue 11 - Embody the Adventures of the Heart

The deliciousness of living gives birth to the ecstasy of each moment in the adventures of our heart, those moments that come forward in the quiet uncertainty of the unknown, that thrilling goose bump filled connection with all that is.

When you are in the soul filled adventure you are filled with courage and acceptance with each step. As Mels Love Land #MiniMag Issue 11 | Adventures hits the streets. A few words of love. Do not get side tracked with gobble de gook noise or what people 'in power' are doing, we are in charge of our powerful selves, we know how to act, to be, to love. We must march forward, with our heads turned backward if necessary, and do the loving thing we came here to do, to be in service, to take an adventure into the testament of hope regardless if we see the impact. We must do what needs to be done. Let's continue to discuss what matters, lets continue to act with kindness and love that speaks in the space of our collective heart loud enough for all to hear on a vibrational level.

Our inspiration for this issue 11 is the incomparable Eleanor Roosevelt. It was conceived in Riverside Park on the upper west side in the glorious late Spring time in NYC. 

Allow this issue to embrace your dreams, to nourish them with each step you take and allow it to remind you....

TO DO what needs to be done - to talk about things that matter
to live in the oneness of now - knowing all of us are one of us.
each of us is connected - one's suffering is all of our suffering
right minded thinking blazes a trail - for all to see. Get out there and do good. Be kind. Live in the light of all that you can be. Enjoy the connection to the adventure of connection.

Friday, June 16, 2017

"My Son Loved this City and this City Killed my Son.... What is it going to take?"

Her cry is all of our cry. "Enough."

Her pain and heartbreak is all of our our pain and heartbreak.

"the system continues to fail black people. it will continue to fall you..."

No more.

We will reconnect with our neighbors. We will get out into our communities, away from the telvison and phones and celebrate our unity. We will not allow  our hearts have this moment to reset and bend toward love.

We hear this cry. We hear this cry. We hear this cry. We will reach out with understanding. We will connect to our humanity. We will stand together and take action and be united.

First we grieve. We grieve for all senseless loss we are witnessing. We grieve for this woman and for all of us.  Heart broken.

May all energies transform and may someway a miracle befall this situation. May we all be guided to peace filled action and love and nourishment for justice moving forward in all of our communities.


Sunday, May 28, 2017

In Pursuit of Peace. Happy Memorial Day!

Today and everyday we honor those who are giving and have given the ultimate sacrifice toward justice and peace in service to freedom and justice for all.

Here's to our brave and courageous troops doing the job assigned them by our country, a country of "we the people" holding the candle of possibility, holding the space for a world where there is no war, where we take care of each others hearts and souls and bodies in a practice of humanity.

Wishing all our Veterans a beautiful Memorial Day and Beyond!

Deepest Thanks and Gratitude.

We honor the pursuit of peace on earth with this affirmation.


Peace comes from knowing peace
Love comes from being Loving
Gifts come from wholly giving

In this light
Peace becomes
My deepest brilliance
Glowing brightly

Step not timidly on the path
Flow forward

Peace is mine
My calling card
Falling with me
Radiating through me

Blossoming all around me
Witnessing what I have done
Peace realized

I wake
Hearing the bluebirds of the Angels
Joining in the dance of Love

I own my state of peace

In grace

Love and Grace and Wisdom in the days and weeks ahead. Thank you!!


**Pictures taken at Los Angeles National Cemetary