Sunday, March 01, 2015

A Few Words On the Courage to Love....

Each step taken in complete unconditional love requires the courage of an open heart.  A heart wide open for all it encounters, taking action from the space that knows loving everyone is not some passive deal, it is a steely strength, one of the most powerful stances of being in the world. It is not a secret Loving everyone means standing up to and for things and people that scared me, and releasing what does not serve us to find the freedom to express the soul's code. It means standing up for the truth even though it would be easier to stay silent.

By allowing everything that naturally comes up in a Loving embrace to wash through and connect to that language beyond words, to take that beat of Love, everything becomes lighter; the challenges, the tests and the traumas, our perceived differentness melts away past the wounds. Building a Love arsenal. An active and valiant tool chest of openness and vulnerability takes work and patience and courage and becomes the building blocks in training yourself to stay present in the seat of Love, belted in when necessary, remembering the truth.

V'ahavta I'rayakha - and you shall have Love in your heart, 
V'ahavta kamokha - for yourself and your friends,

V'ahavta ani hashem - to create a world of hope and peace,

Each of us finds our own way on the path of the peaceful spiritual warrior in Love, as my favorite Rabbi shares "capable of wrestling with life without being defeated by living." Each of us finds our own way to express this language of the heart and live in our joy with courage to love.

In choosing to Love everyone you become the beneficiary of a huge mitzvah. The mitzvah of learning how to Love yourself. And that is a Gift that keeps on giving.

When you can Love everyone (including yourself) there is nothing that is not possible.

May you enjoy the courageous expression of all that you are.

lots of Love,


Melanie Lutz is a screenwriter and all around magnificent woman living in Los Angeles.  You can check out her Love movement at and keep up to date with all things Mel at

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Communication... Next Level

Commit to being honest with yourself and others in every encounter.  Practice being loving.  Listen with your heart and open up to the magnificent expression of your soul.

Every thought you would keep hidden shuts communication off, because you would have it so.  It is impossible to recognize perfect communication while breaking communication (with unspoken words) hold value to you.  Ask yourself honestly, “would I want to have perfect communication, and am I wholly willing to let everything that interferes with it go forever?"  

Ask yourself, will I be someone today who lives the truth, expressing what needs to be shared with love?

Offer prayers to all you meet in the spirit of your intention. 

May my voice ring with harmony for all the ages.  May my loves expand, may my life grow and may all blessings rise to meet every situation.

Today and everyday let's be great in our interactions, in our homes, in our neighborhoods, building communities with love.

Just do what must be done. This may not be happiness, but it is greatness.
George Bernard Shaw 

Lots of Love,


Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Miracles Are Our Birthright

The miracle isn’t always getting what it is you think you are praying for, a miracle is a shift in perception from fear to love.  Nothing changes. It is a shift in perception. Where you entertain anxiety, peace flows into your body, where you thought to worry, worry passes into grace for what is.

When I think about miracles in this way I am reminded of Joseph Campbell's Hero's Journey... and much of his “We have not even to risk the adventure alone, for the heroes of all time have gone before us - the labyrinth is thoroughly known. We have only to follow the thread of the hero path, and where we had thought to find an abomination, we shall find a God; where we had thought to slay another, we shall slay ourselves; where we had thought to travel outward, we shall come to the center of our own existence. And where we had thought to be alone, we shall be with all the world.”

In praying for miracles it is part of the practice to release the attachment to how we think it will happen and enter the deepest river of our life keeping in mind some of god’s greatest gifts are unanswered prayers.

There is power in love, there is power in truth, there is power in the spirit of love to transform every situation.

Lots of Love,


Monday, February 16, 2015

Allow the Dance of Destiny to Flow...

"If I don't manage to fly someone else will.
The Spirit wants only there be flying.
And for who happens to do it,
In that he has only a passing interest."
Rainer Marier Rilke has so many beautiful offerings of spirit always inspiring those who would follow with his passionate expression of creative excellence.  In honor of Rilke and all who take flight.

May you always have all you desire...

Wisdom in pure grace of intent allowing the dance of destiny to flow.
Welcoming the union with your spirits deepest surrender heart and soul.
Merge into release of the ecstatic truth of love.

Today and everyday remember you have wings to fly in each breath as miracles fall like rain in your wake.

lots of Love, Mel

Friday, February 13, 2015

Love is in community wherever it goes, love is an expression of health and wealth and wellness.

Love is the song of the heart.

Through this power we express ourselves, our talents our creativity, we give birth to new ideas and we experience the creation of new worlds awaiting love’s deepest kiss to manifest.

Love is in community wherever it goes, love is an expression of health and wealth and wellness.  Love exists in everything and moves with the aliveness of this great song of the universe in harmony with our nature.  Our soul’s magnificence spreads through this gateway enlightening all it encounters.  We revel in its glory and we remember it has nothing to do with another person, it is entirely ours.   
In the days ahead, love will entertain, it will ravage, it will laugh and share and trust and break and grow and transcend and change, all the while celebrating the wholeness of who we are.

Love day is every day that we enjoy the true expression of who we are. It breaths into action as we cherish our selves and share our light in the lives of those we encounter.  Take this opportunity to be love, to feel love, to share love to allow its expression to nourish you and build blocks of pure intentional radiance of spirit.  When you feel a tug to judge, love into acceptance, when you feel a pull to stay silent, when you know in your heart there is something to say, speak up, with love, from the depths of all of our humanity and exercise this gentle  practice of Love.

I have my own way of doing this, as everyone has theirs.  Our life is the practice of creating and experiencing love with what works for us. 

Listen to your heart’s song, that gentle and powerful (beyond measure) voice of truth being expressed on the deepest vibrational space through our human feelings. Let the lens of Love shift any judgments.

As Maya Angelou wrote “A bird doesn’t sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song.”

It is all of our job to sing our song with love and to provide an example of the purest grace of our being in giving birth in each moment to what wants to be born in ourselves and those we encounter.  

Have an amazing love day!

With infinite love and gratitude...

Monday, February 09, 2015

What I learned from another cycle of 100 days of Mel's Love Land…

Sometimes there is nothing to do but be loving. 

Things that I thought took so much time to unfold, really took no time at all upon their completion.  The experience was everything.

Mistakes mean nothing in the course of a life well lived, where the foolishness of love are the adventures of the soul.

Love is the most powerful force in every situation.

Practicing love is the exercise of the heart.

Love's perfection lies in the acceptance of each moment.

When you let love lead the way you always end up exactly where you are supposed to be.

If you are not thinking with love what you are seeing and saying (to yourself and others) is not real.  
***This one is a blink, blink, blinky mcblinkerson one, requiring a love yourself heart opening detachment and release of the ‘you’ve got to be kidding me.’

Love does not live in the past or predict the future, it is complete in this present moment, highlighting what needs present attention past the blocks self placed in front of the heart.

No matter what circumstance seems to be put in front of you, the deepest truth of our loving humanity is always available.

People find loving everyone tough because on some deep level we all get the Martin Luther King Jr. influenced by love statement our job isn’t to like everyone it is to love them.  So those that bug us, irritate us, drive us to the brink, are in our lives to teach us love.

When you think it hurts to much to love and you want to close your heart and call them names and point out why they are assholes, love more deeply, it only means that you love yourself enough to remember how closing your heart brings you pain.

Wisdom and understanding and forgiveness flow freely from an open heart.

Giving is receiving in loving action.

Losses are openings to a beautiful understanding of the magic of nature.

The work of love always being the answer – arrives at many results.

What disappears in the practice of love is not meant for you at this time.

Love sometimes brings in a punch in the face, this does not mean there is anything wrong with loving someone.  It means that you take back your keys, move quickly away from them.

When love becomes the way you move through the world you are a loving vortex of joy, a person in whose presence people feel the connection to the eternal.
Nothing that comes up changes that force of aliveness.

No matter how many labels, ideas, letters, slurs, hashtags, we are all the same in love.

Seeds always grow.  Plant them with love and save yourself the heartache of the weeds of anxiety and fear.

Love never ends and remains long beyond the form of the individual.

The earth has been spinning around for a long ass time.

There is no journey, there is only remembering the truth with love.  
We choose the players we play with.

You are guilty or guiltless, bound or free, unhappy or happy, simple by choosing love over fear.

The soul knows where it belongs, not some of the time, all of the time.

Forgiveness is the grace of forgiveness.

Life is complicated, love is not.

Love's expression takes different forms with various people and places in time, it continues on and keeps us connected.  

Love has no end! 

Love may express itself in one person or at one time as a mother's love, and at another, as a romantic partner, a teacher, healer, a business partner, etc. Our sacred contracts with each other take different forms or expressions of Love.   While not all sacred relationships are meant to result in love affairs - all are the affairs/expressions of Love! One Love expression isn't fuller, truer or more complete than the others and Love doesn't end when our sacred contracts are fulfilled.

Love's beautifully varied expressions are all facets of the same crystal! That love expresses itself in all these ways is a testament to the power and beauty of our never-ending spirits and the fact that All is One and Love is All there Is.

No matter what the question… love always remains the answer.

With Infinite Love and Gratitude...

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Sunday, February 01, 2015

Origins and Love Movement for Mel's New Work - Vanessa by the Sea...

Every work has its origins, that space in the unconscious where something wants to be born, some sharing of an inner experience or a story or an insight that won't go away.  Each writer has an entry point with their work, whether it is a personal experience, a chance encounter or a soul opening lightning strike of destiny.  
While many things come together effortlessly, others need an applied discipline, lots of love and concern and inevitability.  Vanessa Bland has been in my life as a healing agent since I asked a dear friend for help and she recommended this therapist.  Our work every thursday at 2pm to release the past, transform patterns and to enter the essential healing relationship of love and insight has been powerful not just for me, but for everyone I have met, given words of encouragement to and been in interconnected action with.  Being allowed the privilege of turning my experience with Vanessa into a book, Tuesdays at Morrie, style is awesome.

Each of us has our teachers, those souls we are indeed changed in their presence. As the year unfolds, I will continue sharing Vanessa by the Sea and all the gifts of love it represents.  You can check out the goings on of this editorial process at and join in the exploration.  On the site, you will be able to access work in process audio recordings, and follow along on the birth of a book into a movie.
Vanessa by the Sea dives into the working relationship between me and my therapist joined together in weekly therapy sessions to heal and grow and uncover the truth of love using the road by the ocean as a metaphor for the gateway to the unconscious inspiring life’s biggest lesson in unconditional love and friendship.  It is the continuing conversation started in my first book, THE BARE MELCESSITIES: walking out. waking up. getting bare, a written self portrait about starting over after divorce.