Monday, May 08, 2017

A Look Into Mels Love Land Documentary as the Project moves into Post Production

Have you ever wondered if you could bring love to every conversation, every situation, every circumstance, everyone. Mel took on the task.

Check out this little preview from Adobe and if you want to join the love movement and be a part of a screening near you email


Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Love Activism Alert - Nourishing our Communities through Good Food and Good Policy: The Los Angeles Food Policy Council


In the heart of the City of Angels there is an organization committed to the wellness of all, by providing local, healthy, sustainable choices  to nourish and expand the conversation into the question,' What would the world be like if we brought light to a puzzling, and at times confusing, area of our economies, How, in a highly profitable world, are we not able to care for our communities and contribute to our collective overall health and wellness?

Los Angeles Food Policy Council (LAFPC) synergizes the varied connections in building a sustainable and equitable regional food system for all Angelenos.  They are a voice for justice in local economies, standing for clarity in the Los Angeles farm, food, justice communities.  

Los Angeles is a uniquely sprawling major city comprised of different counties, neighborhoods and communities that require thoughtful collaboration to enact policies that bring balance to a food infrastructure. Utilizing wisdom traditions, community support and involvement, inclusionary practices focused on collaboration and inclusion - where every voice counts LAFPC is a light in the movement for food justice for all. The Council is seen as a model for other cities and communities through their tireless work to manage the organziational challeneges of our system of governeement and beautiful policies that nourish our communities and citizens. 

If you are called to this area of our economies please check out LAFPC work and consider what you would be interested in contributing to the conversation...

Get inspired by the Origin Story of The LA Food Policy Council ....


Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Why Life is Always a Testament of Hope. Mels Love Land #MiniMag Issue 10 | Love Everyone

I applaud his verve and I appreciate and celebrate him, he was born that way and was given the gifts of compassion and empathy and balance to go along with his idea full mind. Thoughts become form. The ends are inherent in the means. You find what you are looking for. Everyone is here for a reason. Each relationship, action, creates an equal and opposite re-action.

Transformation is underway. We are learning the ways of a Trump less world as he showcases all of the people, ideas, energies, systems that are old minded, not of the people and have no concept of joy and love being at the center of all our well being. Fear and loathing, hate and hypocrisy are being revealed for deeper holding, more love and we are experiencing a release into what is possible. 

New spaces, where open hearted grace leads the way, where you don't know everything, where ideas are the soldiers of new joy systems.  Where we do not need more, so you have less. Wake into a new now where you can experience yourself, your life, your love, knowing you are powerful beyond measure.

It is a wonderful world, filled with wonderful people and when we meet our fears with an open heart. When we hold space beyond the tyranny and the bombasticness where each of us has the privilege of waking up to what they have been asleep to justice and kindness and love remain. What action are you called to do.

You can imagine someone who has succeeded in building, creating, one kind of business by projecting an image, whose personality has yielded results independent of being of service to anyone other than himself, whose every thought was catered to, who no one said "No" to saying -- 'Hey, the two party system has created alot of poop sandwiches. I could do a better job than those boobs.'  I' know how to build things. I could build something better than what is going on. I could save the day.'  A person so caught up in his own magnan-ignoramousness that he related sitting in his gold lilted tower yelling back at Fox News claimed as experience that He knows what to do. While it is understandable. It is unacceptable.

Right now. We are given a great opportunity.... To Experience the world without a Trump. Without a greed driven, money centered, patriarchal view of things through a lens of fear.

There is something in the air and all of us are being called to help fix what is broken. Yes, we have all contributed to the mess we see. Yes we can all do better than we are doing. There is no doubt a shift is occurring, people are waking up and we are in our connectedness arriving at the mountaintop for deepening our collective heart and stepping forward with a healed world.

We are witnessing the fall of fear.  Fear is up to be loved, understood and its oppressive energies released. Every story, every major newscast is showcasing it.

It is not the midnight of our discontent It is our eleventh hour of grace where we change course and establish a world where enough is enough. Where we don't need more so someone has less. Where we think about the whole in balance, without grabbing unnecessarily because we can. Where we see the illusions for what they are, where we stand together sharing our gifts and celebrating each other. Where we are kinder to each other than we were the day before, where love is brought to every situation and we allow a gentleness into the process of this new world we are entering together.

Where we create towers and walls and avoid transformation of our fear monsters we remain stuck in an old paradigm. Release all of it today. Gentle both, the old world and the new. Allow a grace to enter the conversation and allow actions to be loving and do not buy into someone's blustering. Let the winds of change bring you to the center of your own inner power and light and stand up, take action, be love in a new way, today and everyday.

Lots of Love for the actions that lie ahead....

Tuesday, April 04, 2017

STAY AWAKE FOR THE REVOLUTION Mels Love Land #MiniMag Issue 10 | Love Everyone


One of the great liabilities of life is that all too many people find themselves living amid a great period of social change, and yet they fail to develop the new attitudes, the new mental responses, that the new situation demands. They end up sleeping through a revolution" From the last Sunday Sermon delivered by Martin Luther King Jr. at the National Cathedral in Washington DC.

Hiding in the bosom of the cult of culture is not going to do it. No more living in the delusion of separation and being different. No more blinders. It is time for the truth.  Until all of us on this planet are peaceful, none of us can experience true happiness. It is a wholeness pattern, within each of us is light and dark and as we embrace and embody ourselves is the awakeness of now in love.

When Love and Fearlessness meet you bare witness to the revolution of your heart. The timeless intersection between these two allows as Socrates said for "the outer and inner man to be as one" striking your unique and perfect note. As these notes join together the stirrings of our collective heart become a radiating social force bringing each of our inner struggles and personal journeys into the larger unfolding experience, giving context and allowing nature to enact its most beautiful elegant outflow beyond the gravity of our day to day. Recognizing our commonalities. Recognizing our note in the song of the universe enabling the harmony of our practice of humanity, that connection we yearn for to truly resonate with each other.

In this space of human destiny where our perfect tone vibrates in harmony with our being the entire universe rejoices animating the universal heavenly symphony, this sound of our celestial DNA to move as Wordsworth said 'in one society' in service to our deepest most authentic self.

The childish Glee with which people are acting out is troubling. Don't confuse entertainment with truth. Don't confuse your POV with reality. Don't think becasue you are angry you can act hurtfully, judging everyone. This is taking place across the spectrum, across the world, right, left, up down, kids, adults, preachers, pope's, pundits, pacificsts, athiests, agoraphobs, and religio-phobes. We need to shift geers. We need to stop it. Right now. and learn to take loving action.  



Mels Love Land Justice and Peace Moment - In gratitude Martin Luther King, Jr.

IN honor of the spirit, ideals and love that Martin Luther King, Jr. embodied let's take a moment in the today's schedule to sit and center into the heart of love.

Allow yourself the privilege of aliveness to drop into the deeply sacred space of all that is and all that glorious light within to shine. Take several deep breaths and when you feel the movement of the heart and spirit of Love Justice rise into being, allow this to extend outward without reserve to those closest you, and now, stretch, extend and share that with your community, and continue onward, allow that experience to expand to our states, our country, the countries all over the earth and the universe at large. Right now. Pulse with the energy of love in all its grace and allow that light of love to radiate as a blessing to all. Return to the center of your heart filling your lungs and body and being with this love and remain resting in steady breath till it is time to MOVE. In this next moment forgive yourself, forgive those who have transgressed, trespassed against us and be whole, healed and full of gratitude.

Begin again.

Allow this five minute love time to be the heart of your practice for the day. Take actions, respond to people, places and events from this space.



Melanie Lutz is a writer living in Los Angeles, CA.

Friday, March 31, 2017

How Can I Be of Service | Mels Love Land #MiniMag Issue 10 | Love Everyone


In this deeply wonderous moment be loving to yourself and those in your life. Take this beat to be awake to bringing love, kindness and compassion to the conversation.

What dream does your heart want to unfold, what loving action is called for? Each act of love is a ripple effect of truth, embodying the biggest difference to yourself, your community and the planet?  At no time in the history of humanity has it been more important to listen to the answer and remember the truth.  Our thoughts create our reality and if we are not thinking with Love we are not living the truth.

Dreams are wishes our hearts make.  Today and everyday.  Mels dream is see a world where love leads the way. If you feel inclined try it out in your world for the next 100 days. Enjoy the experience of love for what is, for your experience in the world and see where the deepest joy filled expression of love for yourself envolops the world at large springing forward from you.

Stay open and be willing, do not lose hope in your dreams and have faith in the unseen to carry you through.

We cant change the circumstances that happen but we can stand in the truth and be loving in each interaction you have in the world.  We can look everyone in the eye and say Hello from my heart to theirs. We can be kind each day in each moment and We can remember each person is experiencing at least the level of anxiety uncertainty and misunderstanding that We are.  We can choose to be open to not knowing and allow it to be.